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EID11 Scholars’ opinion on fully chilled offal

During Qurbani, Muslim and Meat Industry Representatives have proposed mitigations to enable the supply of pre-ordered carcases that have not been chilled to the required legal temperature directly to the final consumer or via butchers acting as the consumer’s agents.


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EID10 Consumer Information Sheet – Partially Chilled Offal

This information sheet is provided to consumers who collect their meat and offal DIRECTLY from the abattoir on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah and choose to receive the red offal (heart, lungs and liver) from their Qurbani carcase before it has been fully chilled to the required temperature.


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EID09 Qurbani Operating Procedures for abattoirs participating in partial chilling of offal

This document provides guidance for abattoirs that wish to participate in the delivery of such partially chilled offal (i.e. not chilled to 3°C or below) directly to the consumer.


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EID08 Qurbani Protocol 1445/2024 for Abattoirs and Butchers

This protocol is for abattoirs & butchers who intend to offer Qurbani this year. It was initiated and agreed by the AHDB Qurbani Stakeholder Group and endorsed by the AHDB Halal Stakeholder Group and other stakeholders


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EID07 AHDB Qurbani Leaflet

AHDB Qurbani Guidelines


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EID06 Summary of Procedure for Qurbani Butcher Acting as Consumer Agent

Procedure for Qurbani butcher acting as consumer agent


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EID05 Butcher FINAL Qurbani Orders to Abattoirs & Declaration

Butchers must retain a SIGNED Consumer Agency Agreement for each of the Final TRANSPORT CHILLED (TC) Qurbani orders placed with abattoirs


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EID04 Consumer Qurbani Proxy Agreement

Transport Chilled Qurbani


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EID03 Customer Declaration Form – Direct Sales

QURBANI COLLECTION: Customer acknowledgement/declaration when carcass is not down to 7°C core temperature


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EID02 Qurbani Operating Procedures (QOP): Qurbani butcher acting as Consumer’s Agent

Supply of meat direct to the consumer over the Eid al Adha Festival 2024 via butchers appointed as Agents by the final consumer.


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EID01 Qurbani Operating Procedures (QOP): Qurbani supplied direct to final Consumer

Supply of meat direct to the consumer over the Eid al Adha Festival 2024


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Demonstration of Life Protocol

Information on the Demonstration of Life (DOL) protocol, an independent, government-supported Halal-assurance scheme.

PWG SG Terms of Reference

Partnership Working Group Sub-Group (PWG SG) on the direct supply (from slaughterhouse or any FSA approved establishment) of Qurbani meat & offal to final consumers during Eid Al-Adha.


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Qurbani Joint Statement

Joint statement by the Partnership Working Group Sub-Group (PWG SG) to facilitate the supply of Qurbani mean and offal to the Muslim community during Eid al-Adha 2024 in England and Wales


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Qurbani Mitigations

It is the responsibility of the food business operator (FSO) to ensure that all meat (and offal) that they produce is safe to go into the food chain posing no risks to those that eat it.


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