Halal Labelling

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Halal Labelling

HFIC supports the vision that all food products with a Halal claim must mandatorily obtain halal certification from a recognised and accredited halal certification organisation and carry their registered halal logo for full transparency to consumers.

HFIC strongly discourages the practice of claiming halal status (self-certification) for products manufactured or supplied merely on the basis of management/owner’s belief, culture and knowledge, without obtaining a third-party halal certificate for such products from an independent, recognised and accredited halal certification organisation.

HFIC will continue to advocate the principle of verifiable and accredited halal certification for products destined for Muslim consumers. Our campaign will aim to collaborate, advise and influence policy makers to set up an appropriate national infrastructure introducing the framework of authentic and trusted halal certification similar to the model introduced by Canada www.ul.com/news/canada-new-halal-labeling-requirements.

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