Qurbani 1443 (2022) is upon us

Qurbani 1443 (2022) is upon us

The AHDB’s Qurbani Stakeholders group have consulted and agreed the Qurbani protocol for abattoirs and butchers in the UK involved in slaughtering and supplying Qurbani to consumers.

Qurbani means sacrifice and is one of the most important festivals in the Islamic calendar, during which charitable acts are encouraged. Apart from its spiritual significance, there are significant economic benefits associated with the festival, as tens of thousands of animals (particularly small ruminants) are procured specifically for the festival annually. For an animal to be used for Qurbani, it needs to meet the specific requirements which are highlighted hereunder.

Qurbani protocol 1443/2022 For Abattoirs and Butchers

Animals – abattoir and responsibility

Quality: Select quality animals that the Ummah will be proud to offer for The Most‐Merciful.

Lamb: The volume of 6-month+ lamb available is questionable. Consumers will be advised to preference sheep over lamb as 6-month+ lamb cannot be guaranteed. Where lamb is bought it MUST, at the very least, be from a trustworthy source, accompanied by a producer declaration attesting the 6-month+ age criteria, and be at least 40kg live weight (or 17kg carcass deadweight).

Ordering – butcher responsibility

Day of Qurbani: Consumers must be given the option of selecting their Qurbani day.

Timing – abattoir responsibility

Start time: The earliest time an abattoir can start Qurbani slaughter is sunrise plus 30 minutes at their location. The exact time for any location can be found here https://moonsighting.com/pray.php.  

Qurbani Carcass Label: Time and date MUST be printed on the Qurbani carcass label. The presumption will be that there is something to hide if the time and date is not printed.

Cutting – butcher responsibility

Qurbani Carcass Label: The abattoir Qurbani carcass label MUST be supplied with the Qurbani meat so the consumer can have full confidence of the time and date of performance and the reference number that links that carcass meat to their Qurbani order with the abattoir.

Charity – joint abattoir and butcher responsibility

Transparency: The abattoir must communicate the (combined) value of Qurbani by‐products not returned to the consumer (e.g. skins, casings, tripe, etc.).

Accountability: At the time of order, it must be agreed between the abattoir, butcher and consumer who takes the responsibility of making the payment to charity.

Proof: Where the abattoir or butcher takes partial or full responsibility, they must be able to provide proof, for example receipt by UK registered charity or bank statement payment, that the amount was indeed donated to charity. This should be completed within one month of Qurbani.

Agreed April‐2021 by 

British Trade Solutions               Euro Quality Lambs                    Halal Certification Organisation

Halal Food Authority                   Halal Monitoring Committee      Hill Farm Finest

RACS UK           

We encourage slaughterhouses and butchers who undertake and/or process Qurbanis for consumers to sign up (free of charge) to this Qurbani Protocol to ascertain the validity of Qurbani and to discharge their religious and moral responsibility.

Please email HFIC at hello@hfic.org.uk, or call us at 0208 235 8648 to register your interest and we will take you through the process.

For opportunities in the UK halal market and its dynamic development, please visit https://ahdb.org.uk/halal

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