Meat Industry – Learning, Training and Careers

Meat Industry – Learning, Training and Careers

Butcher Apprenticeships

Start your career in the meat industry with Meat Ipswich for butcher apprenticeship program or other industry qualifications.

Review the above and visit their website to explore all training opportunities. You may apply for butcher apprenticeship vacancies here.


A Report for the Lifelong Education Institute

Hungry to Learn: Lifelong Learning Pathways for the Agri-food Sector

We have come across a detailed report that outlines a new approach to lifelong learning that integrates skills and career progression, which can help overcome the long-term mismatch between workforce skills and industry needs.

The report addresses the opportunities and challenges facing skills provision in the agri-food sector.

It explores how innovative structures of learning and skills training can help generate and attract the learner talent that the sector needs to help establish the UK as a global leader in agricultural production and sustainable food systems.

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